Products & Services

Our Products & Services
Since 1976 HLIG has been an Iowa based and dealer owned company operating in franchise stores throughout the great state of Iowa.  No other company has enjoyed its tremendous dealer following and support quite like the people at HLIG.  It is our sincere hope to continue to provide the same high quality service and support to our dealer family for years to come.

Service Contracts
Comprehensive portfolio of products and administration for: Direct Service Contracts, Retro Service Contracts, Self Insured, Reinsured Service Contracts, and Limited Warranties. Learn more.

Credit Insurance
We offer a program uniquely designed to retain underwriting and investment income in addition to front end commission at the dealership. Learn more.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)
Pays the difference between what is owed on the vehicles and what the insurance company will pay in the event of total loss. Learn more.

Electronic F & I Products
We offer a wide range of electronic products from E-menu and compliance tracking to F & I performance tracking. Learn more.

Paint and Fabric, Driver Plus Maintenance, and Assurance Edge Motor Club Learn more.