Paint and Fabric

  • Easy application with limited warranty protection
  • Provides protection to exterior painted surfaces, interior carpet, fabric/leather/vinyl surfaces
  • New vehicles covered by a 5 year limited warranty
  • Pre-owned vehicles covered by a 3 year limited warranty


Driver Plus Vehicle Maintenance

  • Available on new and used vehicles
  • Dealer retains premium locally
  • Fulfillment occurs at point of sale
  • Simple web based administration
  • Facilitates sale of other important suggested maintenance
  • Enhances trade value of vehicle
  • Dealer retains 100% of orphanage


Assurance Edge Motor Club
24 hours a day 7 days a week Assurance Edge provides the following emergency and non-emergency benefits

  • Provides emergency and non-emergency benefits
  • 24 hour roadside asssistance
  • Emergency travel expense
  • Reimbursement
  • Vehicle rental reimbursement
  • Tire hazard protection reimbursement
  • Wheel hazard protection reimbursement
  • Hotel discounts
  • Custom trip routing